periodistica s a journalist with a long professional career in Spanish-language services at the international press agency Agence France-Presse (AFP), I have a thorough understanding of this type of translation and its many subtleties. This will enable me to assist you in making full use of the various genres in journalism and the media, taking account of the particular features of journalistic writing in Spanish.

The fact is, journalism translation demands an in-depth knowledge of both the source culture and the journalistic codes of the target culture. The translator must be familiar with current events and have the necessary resources to facilitate comprehension of the text, adapting it to the target linguistic and journalistic context.

I translate a wide range of journalism texts, including:

  • Political and international relations stories
  • Culture and society articles
  • Sport reports
  • Scientific and educational texts
  • Leisure and entertainment stories
  • Articles on new technologies
  • Press releases and statements
  • Opinion articles and editorials
  • In-depth features and investigative work