turistica T ourism translation is one of my main areas of specialization. To supplement my training and skills, I try to always keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the tourism industry. I also gain first-hand knowledge through direct contact with people from other cultures by travelling to countries around the world.

In tourism translation, my aim is to transmit the message as accurately as possible, while also paying special attention to making certain that the result is appropriate for the target culture. As this field has a strong marketing and advertising element, it is necessary to attract potential customers, while striking a balance between enticing the reader and not distorting the content.

This requires doing research in order to adapt technical terms for a general audience and translate cultural references into the target language. The goal is to convey a positive and appealing image, one which whets the appetite for discovering new destinations and exploring unique experiences.

Tourism texts I translate include:

  • Menus
  • Gastronomy and winery tourism
  • Company and tourism websites
  • Tourism apps
  • Tourist guides
  • Travel documents
  • Tourist brochures
  • Tourist catalogues
  • Tourist maps
  • Trade magasines for the tourism industry
  • Tourism advertising and promotional materials