creativa I n creative and publishing translation, one of my specialities, words take centre stage. This makes it necessary to tirelessly seek out those which precisely reflect what the author is trying to say, without adopting an overly complex or showy style. The goal is not a word-for-word translation, but rather to express the essence and find the perfect solution, while always striving for simplicity and naturalness.

Moulding words requires a great mastery of language, imagination and a good amount of initiative. The translator must play with the phrasing and vocabulary, reinventing the text in order to ultimately produce something which is completely true to the original.

  • Publishing and literary translation: I have translated the novel Un touriste en enfer from French into Spanish, and have collaborated on several translation projects for publishers
  • Creative translation: one example of my work in this area is translation and localization of children’s games for Zalunira and the website
  • Translation in various fields: fashion, cosmetics, sports, health and wellness