I f there is one thing that is essential to the process of publishing a text, it is copy editing of the final version. Despite this, the copy editing stage is all too often neglected.

As a copy editor, my work consists of correcting any flaws your Spanish text may contain: errors, spelling and punctuation mistakes, typographical mistakes, etc. It is also essential to thoroughly review the style and uniformity of the text – structure, format and presentation, consistency, flow, etc. – not overlooking a single detail.

  • Spelling and typographical editing to correct spelling, syntax, grammar and typographical errors.
  • Style editing to prevent repetition, incongruities or lack of consistency, reviewing the language used and ensuring a uniform text.


E diting is a required step in the translation quality control process, ensuring that nothing is left to chance. This task is performed in three stages:

  • Content: I compare the translation with the original to verify that the text has been translated properly, check any expressions which may have presented difficulty and confirm that the client’s instructions have been followed to the letter.
  • Style and flow: the finished text must sound natural, smooth and consistent. The reader should not be able to discern that it is a translation. For this reason, it is also advisable to review the document as if it were an original text.
  • Spelling, punctuation and format: I check spelling, punctuation and typography to ensure that there are no omissions or inconsistencies, and review the format and pagination.


W riting is a key element in any field. Carefully crafted, professional writing will enhance your image and boost your visibility, allowing you to connect better with your audience. It will also optimize internal and external communications via all channels.

With these aims in mind, before beginning work, I always make sure I know exactly what the client requires. I also do research, using reliable sources of information to prepare unique, high quality content.

I offer these and other services:

  • Writing website content
  • Writing for marketing and advertising
  • Journalistic writing
  • Text rewriting and content restructuring


A udio and video file transcription is needed for a number of purposes: subtitling, translation, summaries or articles on lectures or presentations, interviews, legal evidence, etc. I therefore offer two types of transcription, depending on your requirements:

  • Literal transcription: an exact reproduction of the oral speech, including filler words, hesitations, unfinished words, interruptions, errors, etc. In short, the transcription reflects everything that is said, with accuracy taking precedence over the quality of the text.
  • Natural transcription: a corrected transcription which eliminates any errors and irrelevant information, providing a more natural, polished and professional text, without changing the meaning. This is the most popular type of transcription.


I f you have questions or require other language services, I also offer language consulting. I will help clarify any issues that may come up when writing in Spanish, whether they relate to spelling and syntax or the style and tone of the text.

You can consult me if you have to edit a poor quality text, want to check your blog articles before posting them or need assistance with writing your CV or business correspondence.

I can also help put a new spin on a presentation or advertising campaign, rewrite a poorly written text, revise and standardize a group of related texts, summarize documents which are too long, and more.